West Coast Culinary Symposium 2012
Saturday join us for a full day of classes! All meals are included as well on
Saturday, including a late period Italian credenza breakfast of cured meats,
blintzes with fresh cheese and cherry sauce, pies, preserved fruits, bread,
biscotti and butter (and coffee, which was not late period Italian, but we really
really like it!).

Lunch will be an opportunity to try some of the dishes from the classes and
peruse the class hand outs (menu TBA, please let
Ysabella know if you are
interested in helping  feed the Symposium).

Dinner will be another chance to try various teacher contributions (menu TBA,
please let
Ysabella know if you are interested in helping  feed the Symposium),
and following dinner we will enjoy a  research paper discussion into the

Sunday Morning we will continue classes and a Norse style breakfast of
smoked and cured fish, skyr (yogurt cheese) with fruit preserves, Danish
sweet goat cheese, flat bread and unpearlized barley with stone fruit and
February 10, 2012 to
February  12, 2012
Camp Bothin Youth Camp
3125 Sir Francis Blvd
Fairfax, CA
To teach a class or for
information on
please contact Duchess
Juana Isabella de
Montoya y Ramirez
Site Fees: Adult:
Members $60.00 ($65.00 non
members) for a weekend's lodging
in dorm style rooms. You bring your
own bedding, bunk beds provided.
Included in this price are Breakfast,
Lunch and Dinner on Saturday, plus
Breakfast on Sunday.

$30 Day Trip site fee for Saturday
(food included)

$20 Sunday only (breakfast

Site opens at 4:00pm on Friday and
closes at 1:00pm on Sunday

Animals: Certified service animals
are the only live animals we may
bring on site. Please leave your
pets at home. Please kill you meal
before you bring it on site :-)
Welcome Culinary Historians to the
informational web page for the
2012 West Coast Culinary
Symposium! After three  
magnificent years in An Tir, the
West Kingdom will host the 2012
Symposium in Marin County,

Please join us for a full immersion
weekend  of study,  eating and
discussion of historical foods.

This event starts on Friday night
with a pot luck opportunity for the
guests to show off their culinary
talents. Please feel free to bring a
Attire: This is an SCA event, so SCA clothes are requested. However, please
keep in mind that most of you will be cooking and please wear clothing you can
easily cook in, that can get messy, that keeps the food free of hair and sleeve
ends, and in the case of the butchery classes, you don't mind getting blood on. In
fact, you might want to wear mundane clothing for the butchery class and
change after. Aprons are your friend.

There has been interest in this event from non SCA cooks and culinary
historians. If you are one of these lovely folks, please contact Ysabella or Juana
about getting loaner garb for this event
Display: There are plans for a display of reproduction period serving ware in the
main dining hall most of the day on Saturday. If you have period serving ware
you would like to put in the display, please let the event staff know. If  you can
attach little notes to the items about where you got it or how you made it that
would even be better. The idea is to spread the knowledge of how we can all set
a more period looking table. Also, if your items are reproductions of specific
artifacts or items from period pictures, a color picture of the original piece to
show near your reproduction piece would be especially welcome.

Book Room: We also plan on having a book room. We would like to set out a
wide variety of books on SCA appropriate culinary history so that all participants
have the opportunity to examine these resources and take notes as they see fit.
It is expected that local people will bring the majority of the books, but if you like
to travel with your books, our visitors from afar are welcome to bring books too.
All books should be marked with the owners name at least. We will try to have a
scanner or two available. However, please do not scan works that are still in
print. The book room will have a monitor at all times and food and drink will not
be allowed in the book room. If you would like to volunteer for a shift as book
room monitor, please contact